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Tsuen wan Furniture and HOARE 荃灣家具 與HOARE

Tsuen wan Furniture and HOARE 荃灣家具 與HOARE

Tsuen wan

We have moved our office and showroom to Tsuen wan, we will soon be back up and running and although we are an online-only furniture store we do have a showroom where you can see some of the items either before you buy or there are many showroom models available at heavily discounted prices ready to take with you the same day.

Tsuen wan has already become a very popular destination for many furniture stores and is becoming the new furniture hub of Hong Kong with a complete range of stores from IKEA to more high-end stores and bespoke fitting stores like Takad furniture, all good furniture stores in their own right however we believe we offer the perfect mix of online prices and totally unique product that is both designed by us and carries our own Brand markings, a product you simply cannot get anywhere else.

So if your in Tsuen come and find us and take a look at our spectacular Botanic fusion collection and our London leather collection with certain pieces designed only for the Hong Kong market suited to Hong Kong apartment living. We will often be holding brand events to show new products, keep track of our Facebook page and Instagram for dates and invites, everyone is welcome,

You can find our address on our homepage and we will soon be posting a location video so you can see exactly how to find us…. We don’t have a premium space located in a grade A office building near D park instead we have chosen Texaco road as our home in a factory building, this means we can keep costs of the furniture we sell lower, we can provide more stock and deliver faster, its all about providing the best product possible to our customers at the cheapest price in the fastest time, we know when you see something you love you need it now ! we are the same.

Tsuen wan and Hong Kong has a rich history in furniture production and making, in particular, wooden furniture.










‘’ The wooden furniture industry in Hong Kong can be traced back to the late 19th century with You On Company (耀安), which was founded in Hong Kong in 1897 by the Wan family. One of the family members, Wan King-shan (温镜山) was the founding supervisor of HKFCMA and according to Matthew Turner (author of “Made in Hong Kong” and historian of HK industrial design), another family member Wan Sze-yau was a pioneer in adapting Chinese furniture to American taste in order to facilitate exports to the United States and “ideas for new pieces seem to have come directly from American servicemen, who would suggest them to Wan himself”.

In suiting the taste of foreigners, the Wan family developed remarkably eclectic products, such as the “altar cocktail bar”,”traditional Chinese telephone table” and the “praying scholar among Chinese clouds with electric light bulb on its head.” You On had stores at 72 Canton Road in Kowloon and Queen’s Road on Hong Kong island and a factory in the New Territories and before the War it was the largest wooden furniture maker in Southern China with over 500 workers.

While You On and HK Old Mary were important pioneers, it was the Dongyang craftsmen and Shanghainese merchants who elevated the HK wooden furniture industry to the next level both artistically and commercially. The first Dongyang craftsmen arrived in Hong Kong in around 1924 and as the Sino-Japanese War progressed the total number of Dongyang craftsmen in Hong Kong soon reached 400. As orders flowed in from the West, many of the craftsmen made a decent living and a number of them saved up enough to set up their own shops, with Nee Wuh Tseng being the first one on record, followed by Wah Hing and Wah On Hung Kee’’

We hope our Brand HOARE can carry on the rich tradition of providing eclectic furniture to not only Hong Kong but the world, we are not the Dongyang craftsman of late but we are a very progressive brand developing fantastic products across the Asia market and our design-led products are accessible to everyone




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