About us

HOARE  is slowly becoming a global brand, sold in over 5 countries including the UK, Europe, China and Hong Kong the British company started with a few ideas back in 1997.

HOARE is a brand of a Inside house , Inside House not only supports its own brand and acts as an independent design company but designs and develops furniture and related interior and exterior products for many other companies across the globe, for some it’s the back bone of their retail operation.

we will continue to grow the brand here in the Uk and our focus is always on providing you great design at affordable prices, our brand offers furniture online only, we make savings by not having a showroom and by making a large amount of our furniture self-assembly, all of those savings are passed onto you the customer.

We sell individual products to anyone , anywhere in the world, you can find our products here in the UK or globally through our many online sales channels, all our products are professionally packaged to arrive in perfect condition no matter where you are in the world, if you’re looking for a bulk order your welcome to contact us to find about delivery options.