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About Us



HOARE  is slowly becoming a global brand, sold in over 5 countries including across mainland China, the British company was Born in Hong Kong although started with a few ideas back in 1997.

HOARE is a brand of a wider group called Hoare group LTD , Hoare group not only supports its own brand and acts as an independent design company but designs and develops furniture and related interior and exterior products for many other companies across the globe, for some it’s the back bone of their retail operation.

we will continue to grow the brand here in Hong kong and across mainland China, our focus is always on providing you great design at affordable prices, our brand offers furniture online only, we make savings by not having a showroom and by making a large amount of our furniture self-assembly, all of those savings are passed onto you the customer.


We sell individual products to anyone , anywhere in the world, you can find our products here in Hong Kong or globally through our many online sales channels, all our products are professionally packaged to arrive in perfect condition no matter where you are in the world, if you’re looking for a bulk order your welcome to contact us to find about delivery options.

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WE SELL TO RETAIL ( become a supplier)  

We sell HOARE branded products to retailers across the globe, please contact us to discover products that are available in container orders at great prices.


Love our Brand and the product types we work with, contact us to explore developing an exclusive range or product for your brand or store.  


HOARE 是一個慢慢成長中的國際品牌,一家概念源於1997出身自香港的英國公司, 銷售的產品遍及五大國家包括中國。

HOARE 是HOARE GROUP LTD.集團其下的一個品牌, 本集團不單只擁有自己個人品牌,亦是一家獨立設計公司,為全球各地各界公司設計並開發傢俱及其相關產品,更為他們的零售業務及運作扮演着把關的角色。

我們的品牌在香港不斷持續發展遍及中國大陸, 我們重點為你提供價錢合理的優秀設計, 並只提供在線家具銷售服務, 我們只有生產大量組裝傢俱並沒有陳列室, 目的只是為了節省金錢,而所有省下來的也是全數回饋到客戶(你)的身上。


我們將產品賣給任何人, 甚至世界每一角落, 你可以在香港以至全球透過網上銷售頻道找到我們的產品。無論你在世上任何一個地方, 我們的專業郵購包裝都確保產品在完好的狀態下送達到你手中。 如果你想大量訂購亦隨時歡迎與我們聯絡, 並查詢送遞選項及詳情。

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如果你喜愛我們這個品牌和我們的產品, 請聯絡我們,讓我們為你或你的店舖開拓您的專屬品牌或產品吧! 

我們賣產品給零售商 (作為供應商)

我們賣HOARE品牌的產品至全球各地的零售商, 請聯繫我們以了解柜貨訂單的大優惠。