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Design Team

Meet the team, I think you will agree a varied bunch with a diverse outlook on all things product and interior. we are a collective of people who share a passion, we pride ourselves on not being fluffy but on designing products that can be made and are useful and above all affordable by everyone.
we are what you might call design engineers, we care as much about how it’s made, how its assembled, how you assemble it as the design itself, it’s an experience to fill your home with things that will follow you and be a part of you, we hope our products follow you and inspire you and we hope you will love them as much as we have loved them, they have taken a piece of time from all of us to create them and we give that to you along with the products we sell.

Daniel Hoare is the founder of the HOARE brand and HOARE GROUP , we work exclusively for a very limited number of clients based in Hong Kong.

British born Daniel has designed furniture and related interiors to a global audience, a master degree level designer Daniel states the real learning has come from more than 20 years experience in the design and production of furniture and interior decor.

‘’ more than pretty pictures’’ Daniel is a designer but also an engineer, ‘’design should be made and should be available to everyone, we make sure that we oversea in person the complete design and build process, we work with our clients hand in hand and have a  true collaboration with our manufacturers.

Our business is exclusive and we have set the bar very high, with such a strong team and a manufacturing base that rivals any in the far east our brand will be lasting as rings true the values of what we do.

Ricf Lam : we call him the design engineer. 

Ricf is the brains behind supporting our wider design team, as we say design should not bee to fluffy, we are designing products to be made and sold and behind every design is a long development process to make that design a reality, Ricf makes an effortless job of bringing designs to manufacture and making them affordable so that as a brand we can design product for everyone and people everywhere. 

Alan Lo : The 3D superstar 

Alan takes an initial design idea and gives it life, he provides the ability to make a design a product before we go into production.

Alan is a key designer in developing our products and supporting our brand with new and fresh ideas.