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+852 81988490

Free shipping anywhere in Hong Kong and Guangdong


We love to hear from our new or existing customers, please do get in touch should you have any queries about our products or just want to say hi, for any delivery inquiries please first take a look at our delivers Q&A or feel free to call us to discuss.

Should you have an after sales or customer service issue you can call our relevant numbers below.

For English call +852 81934088

for Chinese call +852 81988490

You can also reach us through all the usual social platforms which you will find in our footer. 

If you want to write to us then please email us on

Our office hours are 9am-6pm Monday – Friday. 

Unit D, 3/F, Block 2, Koon Wah Mirror Factory 6th Industrial Building, 7-9 Ho Tin Street, Tuen Mun.

無論您是新客戶或現有客戶,我們都樂意聆聽您的聲音。不論你有任何關於我們產品的查詢或只是想和我們說聲"Hi"也請您與我們聯絡!  對於任何送貨查詢, 請先看看我們提供的Q&A或可隨時致電和我們商討。
如果你有售後服務或客戶服務問題, 你可致電:-
(英文) +852 81934088
(中文) +852 81988490

如果你想寫信給我們, 請發電郵到: